Here’s How Managed Services Are Different from IT Consulting Services!

Whether it’s a small or large business, any of them can get an advantage by functioning with IT consultants who are external for their technological needs. It even includes stuff such as desktop monitoring, network security, and server installations. But there are many ways to attain IT assistance, managed services, and outsourcing being the popular ones.

Although outsourcing may be the conventional method to obtain maintenance, in the modern era, MSPs are gaining more attention. Managed IT solutions Vancouver provides for a long-term partnership with a broad reach of services, assisting to decrease downtime with personalized help to fit the needs of any company’s infrastructure.

Managed IT services:

MSPs offer high-quality explications for clients who look for an all-in-one combination to execute, handle, and assist their contingent labor. This resolution is extremely effective and cost-saving for customers with limited to no in-house proficiency. There are various tasks that MSPs offer and they are related to those of conventional outsourced IT services or are included in a way more comprehensive approach.

IT consultancy services:

These services relate to the tradition of companies asking the help of domain experts in various fields of IT in order to obtain insights on composing the most suitable use of information technology to accomplish their business objectives and goals. The industry of IT consulting and services Vancouver majorly consists of three major sorts of consultancy providers namely staffing firms, IT companies and firms, and independent consultants.


It often gets confusing to differentiate between IT consulting and managed services as many times managed service providers also provide IT consulting services. So, in order to have clarity, IT consultants essentially work with building IT strategic models for companies to progress whereas managed services providers act as service executers by providing the IT solutions that are needed for the growth of the business.

The perfect choice:

Choosing the necessary IT support services is crucial for the perfect working of the business functions. When it’s about selecting between IT consulting and managed services, then selecting anyone service for the business must solely be based on the key objectives of any company. It turns out to be even more necessary if the company is on a fixed budget.


Lastly, both business IT solutions Vancouver namely IT consulting and managed services assist firms to attain the common perks of accelerated growth, faster time-to-market, access to a global talent pool, and cost-efficient. If the company observed that they need both types of services for enhanced results, then it’s recommended to select a third-party supplier who provides a mix of both services.

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